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TEU is now 26 years strong in providing quality educational content valued by our customers. The mission of TEU originally was to fulfill a need in the industry for quality training and education via a multi-day physical event first held at the University of Maryland. Today it continues with the same mission, but in many different formats, locations, and areas of training relative to the green industry including a NEW online version.

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The training portal is available 24/7 so it's convenient to your schedule. Unexpected rainy day - no problem. Need content for an employee training - no problem. Ground frozen - no problem. New employee but to busy to train - no problem. All great times to access the training portal and improve your teams skills.


The annual fee of $49.95 per login gives you access for the entire year as many times as you wish to visit. Register as a company and do team trainings. Or, register individually and assign courses to employees and then track their progress.

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