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Central Control Systems

Registration is $549 per person and includes education, meals, and activities. Lodging is additional and needs to be reserved directly with Hotel Roanoke.

Central Control Systems


Toro Dxi

Learn the unique features and the water management capabilities of the DXi control system and how they could benefit your next project (1 Hour)

Jim Laiche, The Toro Company

Ted Kienast, Smith Turf & Irrigation


Rainbird IQ

Learn the unique features and the water management capabilities of the IQ control system and how they could benefit your next project (1 Hour)

Dave Boyle, Rain Bird

Matt Trotter, Smith Turf & Irrigation


Hunter Centralus

Learn the unique features and the water management capabilities of the Centralus control system and how they could benefit your next project (1 Hour)

David Evers, Hunter

Todd Dovel Smith Turf & Irrigation


Baseline Base Manager

Learn the unique features and the water management capabilities of the Baseline control system and how they could benefit your next project (1 Hour)

Jeff Hume, Baseline

John Mayhew, Turf Equipment



Learn the unique features and the water management capabilities of the WeatherTrak control system and how they could benefit your next project (1 Hour)

Greg Goudeau, HydroPoint

Andy Clarkson, Smith Turf & Irrigation

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Basic Irrigation Design

Understanding the basics helps you design quality, long-lasting systems. Analyzing site data, layout, product application, hydraulics, pipe sizing and determining available water are all covered. (4 hours)

Felice Hall, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Andrew Greene, Smith Turf & Irrigation
John Synder,
 Smith Turf & Irrigation


Irrigation Installation Techniques

Josh Hanson, Turf Equipment
Pete Coughlin
, Turf Equipment

An A-to-Z class of how to install an irrigation system with focus on the explanation and proper use of various components. Learn tips to make your installation more efficient and profitable. Do it correctly the first time and avoid costly call-backs! (2 Hours)


Electrical Troubleshooting

Craig Borland, The Toro Company

Always a popular class - Learn methodology to troubleshoot conventional irrigation systems. Electrical and hydraulic instruction included. Start with a voltmeter and not a shovel! (2 Hours)


Large Turf Irrigation Installation Techniques

Mike Hartley, Turf Equipment
Mark Rodriguez, 
Smith Turf & Irrigation

Don’t let large diameter pipe and valves intimidate you. Learn the proper techniques to install and service large systems. Gasketed pipe and fittings, thrust blocks and joint restraints, mechanical joints and repair techniques will all be covered. (2 Hours)


The Peoples Irrigation Court - Conventional vs Two Wire

Todd Dovel, Smith Turf & Irrigation

An opportunity to plead your case and hear the arguments for both conventional wired and two-wire control systems! A fun and engaging session. (2 Hours)


Two-wire Installation and Service

A hands-on class that will teach how to diagnose problems and more importantly learn a method to find and fix them! (4 Hours)

Craig Borland, The Toro Company
Todd Dovel, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Jed Birch, 
Smith Turf & Irrigation


HDPE Fundamentals

Mike Hartley, Turf Equipment

HPDE continues to increase in popularity. This hands-on class will explore the installation of HDPE including butt fusion, electrofusion, saddles and stiffners. (2 Hours)


Large Turf Rotors aka Big Ass Sprinkler Heads

Jim Laiche, The Toro Company

Learn the applications, design and installation recommendations of large turf sprinkler heads, swing joints and accessory products in this fast growing segment of the irrigation industry.  With large turf sprinkler heads you can’t afford to make mistakes.  If you want to do it right, don’t miss this class. (2 Hours)


Irrigation VS. Sprinkler Systems, Two Different Things

Chris Keating, The Toro Company

This is a foundational class. It illustrates the difference between plumbing and irrigating! It teaches the relationship between the water needs of the landscape and how we design and build systems to fulfill those needs. We will learn about Evapotranspiration, how soils and slopes affect irrigation and how gravity moves water through soil. We’ll discuss irrigation efficiency and distribution uniformity and how they often get confused. Whether you are new or a veteran, this class has something for all. (2 Hours)


Small Pumps - Selection, Troubleshooting & Service

Dan Painter, Flint and Walling

Learn the basics of how pumps actually work and how to size, select, install, troubleshoot, and service small pumps for residential and light commercial irrigation systems. (2 Hours)


Advanced Two-Wire Irrigation System Installation

Todd Dovel, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Matt Trotter, 
Smith Turf & Irrigation

Two-Wire systems are highly popular and widespread. Learn the critical installation procedures and requirements for a successful installation. Topics include controller grounding process, troubleshooting, and the service of two-wire irrigation systems. (2 Hours)


Understanding Pump Stations

Mark Rodriguez, Smith Turf & Irrigation

Take the mystery out of pre-fab, packaged pump stations.  Learn the components and what they do and how essential safeties protect you investment. (1 Hour)


Being Efficient and Profitable with Drip Irrigation 

Katia Rodriguez, Netafim

With sustainability, water conservation and efficiency important buzz words in today’s irrigation industry, low volume irrigation checks all the boxes. Your client not only gets healthier plants but is also rewarded by saving on operational cost and conserving our most precious resource.  Your business will not only be rewarded by doing your part in protecting our water resource, but you will see the path to add to your bottom line by reducing labor cost and potential material cost vs. traditional irrigation installation. (2 Hours)


Solvent Welding Certification

Stephen Gardiner, Weld On

Ensure your crews are meeting the manufacturer standards of solvent welding PVC fitting applications. Consultants are adding Certification as requirement on irrigation projects. Each participant will learn correct solvent welding procedures and have a sample weld sent to the factor for ‘burst’ testing. (2 Hours)

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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting


Landscape and Architectural Lighting Design 

Brian Collins, Unique Lighting Systems

Establishing viewpoints and focal points.  Utilizing varying levels/brightness of light in design and why.  How to use light modifiers, lighting/design techniques and lighting demonstrations. Incorporating new technology in design: kelvin/color temperature/CCT as well as color/RGB. (2 Hours)


Photographing Landscape Lighting Projects

Brian Collins, Unique Lighting Systems

Why photograph your lighting projects, composition, how to make great lighting photos with your phone camera, good vs poor photography. (1 Hour)


Landscape Lighting Troubleshooting

Voltage, amperage measurements. Troubleshooting techniques and order of operation. (1 Hour)

Jason Shanabarger, Unique Lighting Systems


Advanced Landscape Landscape Lighting Sytems 

John Snyder, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Gary Maul, 
Smith Turf & Irrigation

Learn about the sophisticated control systems and lighting management tools available in the market today. Integrating these systems provides a unique experience for your clients and extra profit potential for your business! (2 Hours)


Landscape Lighting Installation

Rick Baird, Vista

Learn how to evaluate a site for lighting design, about lighting design techniques, selecting the right lamp & fixture, wire sizing, control options, installation, and service. Emphasis is on L.E.D. lighting. Manufacturer new product review. (2 Hours)


Good, Better, Best Sales Techniques

Chris Thomas, Kichler Landscape Lighting

This approach fits perfectly to landscape lighting and can be applied to other aspects of sales in the Green Industry.  Let your prospects upsell themselves and increase your bottom line while closing more sales opportunities. (2 Hours)

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Landscape Maintenance
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Landscape Maintenance


Small Engine Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair

Mark Harrison, Stihl Corporation

Keep your power equipment working reliably and last longer. Learn best maintenance practices for small handheld power equipment and common Z-mowers, walk-behinds, and stand-on mowers. (2 Hours)


Pesticide Certification Class

Kenny Smart, Southern Ag

Learn the latest in proper use of lawn & ornamental chemical treatments and earn CEU’s for maintaining your Pesticide Applicator’s Certification. (2 Hours)


High Productivity Landscape Equipment – Incredible Tools of the Trade

Marty Wynn, Smith Turf & Irrigation, Toro Siteworks, and Ventrac

Discover the many uses of the most productive pieces of landscape equipment on the market today! (2 Hours)


Protect Your Crews! Equipment Operation Safety

Mark Harrison, Stihl Corporation

Safety is an important goal for every professional contracting business. Leave this class with the checklist every company needs to insure safety is a priority and effectively implemented. (1 Hour)

New Business

New Business Opportunities


Artificial/Synthetic Turf

The market is growing for this low maintenance solution to traffic, pets, shade and weeds! Learn if this business is a fit for you as the course discusses revenue opportunities, product options for market needs, and an installation overview. (1 Hour)

Eric McCall, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Jeff Sears, 
Dan Furimsky, FieldTurf


Water Gardening

Learn about the water feature business… a water feature virtually…….and earn up to 50% profit margins in this lucrative business. All attendees qualify for on-site assistance for the first water feature project. (1 Hour)

Austin Johnson, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Geo Dela Cruz, Aquascapes


Introduction to Landscape Lighting

John Snyder, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Gary Maul, 
Smith Turf & Irrigation

Discuss potential profits, low cost to enter, training resources available, proposals, lighting demonstrations, selling. (1 Hour)


Surface Pond Aeration Systems and Treatments – Estimating & Installation Practices

Chad Craven, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Steve Blackshire, Otterbine
Sean Bell, 
Atlantic Water Gardens

Do you have customers with surface ponds on their properties that are unsightly with algae as a result of poor water circulation? Learn how simple and easy these systems are to bid, install and profit from! Aerating pond systems can be another profitable revenue stream for your contracting business. (1 Hour)


Pond & Pond Free Water Features – Design & Installation

Chad Craven, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Sean Bell, 
Atlantic Water Gardens

Backyard pond and pond free water features continue to be a very profitable business venture! Learn the entire pond     water feature design & installation process in a classroom setting, from start to finish! (2 Hours)


Decorative Water Features - Design & Installation

Austin Johnson, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Geo Dela Cruz, 

Simple to design & install, this fast growing segment of landscape contracting offers you another fun & profitable addition to your services. Many of these features can be installed in only 4 hours. (1 Hour)


Landcape Drainage Systems – Design & Installation

Zach Williams, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Joshua Manning, 

How to evaluate a site for drainage problems, select & size the products needed to drain the site properly, how to install properly, and pricing/selling tips. A must for landscape contractors looking to grow revenue & profit. (2 Hours)


Outdoor Audio

Jason Andrews, Tru Audio

Learn what’s involved in installing outdoor audio systems.  You’ll be amazed at the quality of the sound, the easy of design and installation and the profits to be made! (1 Hour)


Seasonal Lighting including Bistro Lighting

John Mayhew, Turf Equipment

Whether its Holiday lights for December or Bistro lights for summer evenings, discover the value of adding these services that are in demand by homeowners.  Learn various applications, typical costs and how these products can fit into your portfolio. (1 Hour)


Remote Water Management- No More Panic Calls from Property Managers and More Profitable Service Calls

David Boyle, Rain Bird

Learn how to approach and sell upgrades to commercial sites, manage sites without adding staff and generate new service site leads. (1 Hour)

Outdoor Living
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Outdoor Living


Artificial Turf Applications – Estimating & Installation

This segment of the landscape industry is growing exponentially. Learn how you can become a part of it. From bidding and estimating to standard installation practices, you will learn all that is needed to capitalize on this fast growing segment! (2 Hours)

Eric McCall, Smith Turf & Irrigation
Jeff Sears, 
Dan Furimsky, FieldTurf


Water Garden System Service & Troubleshooting

Andrew Lingan, Premier Ponds

Learn the tricks of the trade for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of water gardens. As a nationally recognized, award winning pond contractor, Andrew enjoys sharing his processes to help others be successful. (2 Hours)

Professional Development
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Professional Development


Find, Motivate and Retain the Best

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

Employees are a company’s greatest asset.  Learn how to get the best people onboard and keep them! (2 Hours)


Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

Join in the interactive discussion that focuses on what to do and what not to do to make your company thrive. What’s your role and how to does it affect company culture, growth and success? (2 Hours)


Hello! Hello? What?

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

Communication is a challenge for every size company.  Does your team really understand what you’re saying?  How can you be sure? (2 Hours)


Building the Foundation

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

Assembling a great team and then coaching and motivating them to success works in sports as well as business.  Work thru the 5 steps that ensure your team is functioning at the highest level. (2 Hours)


Protecting Your Assets

Heidi Mantzouranis, Turf Equipment

The best low-cost insurance policy is sometimes a small upfront investment.  Come learn how to minimize risks in today’s technology driven business environment. Protect what you have worked so hard to build! (2 Hours)


Managing Your $$$

Heidi Mantzouranis, Turf Equipment

Optimizing cash flow, collecting receivables, evaluating ‘deals’, planning payables and sound accounting are all integral puzzle pieces in a small business.  Learn from a life-long small business expert the strategies you can employ to be profitable in today’s business world.  (2 Hours)


Propel Your Business Forward - The Importance of Your Google Business Profile & Connected Website has Changed in 2023

BJ Linger, Outdoor Network Services

The Importance Of Your Google Business Profile & Connected Website Has Changed in 2023. Are You Helping, Or Hurting Your Business' Online Reputation By Ignoring, Or Thinking Your Current Profile Is "Good Enough"? Join BJ to gain some knowledge that will help you grow your business' digital footprint into the future! (2 Hours)


Defining Your Value Proposition. Your Path to Profit and Success

Chris Keating, The Toro Company

Every company has something special to offer. Let’s discuss these things and determine how to market your strengths. We’ll discuss how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We’ll discuss habits and routines and make sure they are not roadblocks to profit and success. We will define the differences between strengths and weaknesses (yours, your employees and your company’s) and how to build on the former and manage around the latter.This class is great for owners and managers. (2 Hours)


Estimating & Job Costing – A Critical Part of Maximizing Your Profits

Marcus VandeVliet, MV Enterprises

Do you know if your company is truly profitable? Find out how to analyze & manage your company’s financial results effectively and grow your profits. (2 Hours)


Workers Compensation Insurance – Risk Management & Protection

Barry Jones, Safenet Insurance Group

Does workers compensation insurance leave you confused? Learn what is covered, what is not covered, the rules, regulations and all of the specifics of protecting your contracting business. (2 Hours)


How To Manage Cash Flow & Add To Your Bottom Line

Marcus VandeVliet, MV Enterprises

Cash flow management can financially make or break a company. Discover the main factors and how to manage them for better cash flow management. (2 Hours)


Professional Skills That Guide Your Company

Brad Vice, Carolina Land Consultants

An overview of what it takes to be a successful professional greenspace contractor.  What are your companies foundational principles?  Are you training your replacement? How are you doing with time management? How are you doing with teaching organizational skills to your team.  There are lots of tough questions and challenges managing a company, we hope to help you find the right answers.  We promise to challenge you.   (2 Hours)


Lessons From an Educated Idiot 

Clark O'Neill, Celtic Outdoor

Like most of us, Clark O’Neill learns his best lessons the hard way. Spend two hours looking at some things he has picked up over the past 5 decades. Irrigation. Business. Marriage. Life.  (2 Hours)


Spanglish For The Irrigation Contractor 

Clark O'Neill, Celtic Outdoor

Spend a couple of hours learning some basic Spanish for those in the Landscape and Irrigation Industry. The Instructor spent 35 years on jobsites, working with thousands of Spanish speakers. Learn some key words and phrases to improve your efficiency and better your relationships at work.  (2 Hours)

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Spanish Language

Spanish Language Classes


Concepto Basico De Riego Por Goteo (Basic Irrigation Design)

Craig Borland, The Toro Company

El riego por goteo conserva el agua y cultiva paisajes saludables con un diseño e instalación adecuados. Este curso cubrirá el diseño, la selección adecuada de productos, la instalación y el mantenimiento del área. (2 Hours)


Solucion De Problemas Electricos  (Electrical Troubleshooting)

Craig Borland, The Toro Company

Una clase muy popular: aprenda la metodología para solucionar problemas de los sistemas de riego convencionales. Incluye instrucción eléctrica e hidráulica. ¡Empiece con un voltímetro y no con una pala! (2 Hours)


Growing Your Career - SPANISH

Katia Velasquez, Netafim

Join in a discussion about excelling at your current job - growing your talent and responsibilities.  Let’s set a plan for your career! Acompañanos en la dicusión de como ser exitoso en tu trabajo. Desarrollando tus talentos. Conósete mejor y en donde encajas en tu profesión y en tu compañia. Que hay que hacer para llegar a una mejor prosición profesional. Ven, vamos haciendo un plan para tu carrera professional! (2 Hours)


Drip Irrigation - SPANISH

Katia Velasquez, Netafim

Learn about proper drip system layout, installation and troubleshooting.  Doing the job right leads to fewer call backs and healthier plants. Aprende sobre la forma correcta de diseñar, instalar y corregir sistemas de riego por goteo. Haciendo el trabajo correcto lleva a menos llamadas por problemas, y a jardines mas sanos.

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