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Session Descriptions

 There are three general sessions in the morning that all registrants will attend. The afternoon will consist of three concurrent breakout sessions from nine different presentation options that you can select during registration.

This program will receive .70 Continuing Education Credits from both the GCSAA and the STMA.

General Sessions

Communicating for Success

Steve Keating, The Toro Company

Effective communications are vital for success…in every area of your life. Miscommunications and of a lack of communication have literally started wars. For most of us poor communication simply leads to miss opportunities at work and weaker relationships in our personal lives. 


In this presentation we’ll look at and discuss 9 Human Relations Principles for more effective communications, at work and home. We will also examine 6 ideas that we can use to prevent a disagreement from turning into a relationship damaging argument. 

The biggest mistake that people make while communicating is assuming that because they said something communication has taken place. Don't make that mistake! This session will help you discover how you can communicate for success.

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Time Management and Malarkey

Glori Hyman, The Institute of Applied Agriculture

We cannot manage time.  We can manage our priorities and how we use our time.  In this session, participants will learn to be honest with themselves about their use of time as they work toward creating a peak performance flow to their workday.

Smart Hiring: The Difference Between Success and Failure

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

In today’s economy, manager’s no longer have the option of mediocre selection, recruiting and hiring.  This presentation will give you tools that will prepare you select and retain the best employees.

Breakout Sessions

 There are three general sessions in the morning that all registrants will attend. The afternoon will consist of three concurrent breakout sessions from nine different presentation options that you can select during registration.

Labor Shortage Solutions

Paul Jacobs, USGA

Recruiting and retaining competent employees has become one of the biggest challenges facing the green industry today. Paul will discuss the dynamics of the labor market, some potential causes and the impact that labor challenges typically have at the facility level. Potential solutions for labor challenges will also be discussed. Potential solutions include new technology, maintenance programs and scheduling strategies that can improve operational efficiency to help facilities and companies manage through a tough labor market. 

Ripples: The Power of Perserverance and Positivity

Clark O'Neill, Celtic Outdoor, LLC

What do an accomplished Formula 1 driver, a Wyoming Cowboy, a Benedictine Monk, and a North Carolina Irrigation professional have to do with each other? You’ll have to experience this presentation to find out. Learn the power of perseverance, the power of positivity, and how each and every thing you do or say affects your success.

Managing a Workforce for a Major PGA Event

Andrew Wilson, Bethpage State Park

Delphine Tseng, Landseer Communications and Consulting

"WARNING: Preparing a golf course for one of the top ten sporting events in the world is extremely difficult and recommended only for highly skilled superintendents". Andrew Wilson, Director of Grounds for Bethpage State Park was more than qualified to prepare his workforce for the 2019 PGA Championship. He will share the challenges and triumphs of his staff, the support systems for the tournament , as well as explaining how to prepare for the next big event. Delphine Tseng, is equally as qualified with her experiences with the PGA Tour, PGA of America, and the TPC network. She will discuss how she integrates her business, Landseer, into tournament and everyday life.

The Five Levels of Leadership

Steve Keating, The Toro Company

Ever hear the phrase “great world manager?”  I didn’t think so; the phrase we hear of course is “great world leader.”  What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?  They are too numerous to list them all but here are just a few:  managers steer the ship, leaders set the course, managers see things as they are, leaders see things as they could be, managers simply manage people, leaders develop more leaders.  One other very important difference:  managers force the compliance of their people; leaders earn the commitment of their people.


So, which one are you, a manager or a leader?  The Five Levels of Leadership is all about answering that question and helping you become the leader that you must become to grow your business in today’s increasingly competitive environment.  


In this fast moving session we discuss the five distinct levels or stages of leadership and help you identify where you’re at with each of your employees.  We’ll look at seven principles for people development that can make a difference in your organization the very day you begin using them.  We’ll show you ways to keep your team highly motivated and discuss different ways we sometimes actually de-motivate our teams.  


If your responsibilities include the development of people within your organization than this is a presentation you can’t afford to miss.  This session has the potential to put you in the fast lane to greater success and profitability, to help reduce the stress of managing people and dealing with problems.  Don’t miss it!

Conflict Resolution: How to Approach Tough Conversations

Glori Hyman, The Institute of Applied Agriculture

Conflict is inevitable.  As long as there are other people in our lives, there will be conflict.  Many of us try to avoid confrontational conversations in hopes that the problem will simply go away.  In this session, we’ll discuss and prepare for tough conversations.

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Onboarding New Employees

Shannon Griffin, Silberstein Insurance Group

Onboarding is a crucial piece of the employee life cycle. Not only are you bringing a completely new person into your company and your culture,  you’re also asking them to help you achieve your company’s goals. These are very tough things for someone to get behind if they don’t have a great first impression.

A well-thought-out and well-executed onboarding plan is the difference between a new hire staying or leaving—and whether they’ll be engaged or disengaged during their first few weeks or months—or years—on the job. In this presentation you’ll learn the best practices for onboarding a new employee from the time they sign the offer letter through the first year of their employment.

Legal Dos and Don'ts

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

Are You In HR Compliance? In today’s culture, HR management is more important than ever. What is legal and what is not? Find out how to avoid the pitfalls and protect both your company and your employees.

Four Insightful Steps to Succession

Dann Harris, Dann Harris Consulting

How complete are your succession plans?  Succession planning impacts your business, your family, and your legacy.  This session will give you simple yet profound requirements for a succession strategy

Building a Winning Team Culture

Clark O'Neill, Celtic Outdoor, LLC

What is your company culture? What are your core values? Do your employees know what the company vision is? Do you empower your employees to fail? Do your employees have a voice? By developing relationships and getting to know your team members, you will begin to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and skills yet to be developed. 

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